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Timeline of Origins and Actions of DC-CORE

June 2020

The Origins of DC-CORE.

The DC Caucus of Rank and File Educators began in the summer of 2020 as a discussion amongst members who wanted the WTU to organize the members to take more direct actions in response to DCPS statements on reopening school buildings in a pandemic. 

Summer - Fall of 2020

Organizing and Taking Action

As DCPS made plans to fully reopen with few to no health considerations. WTU Members - many of whom became DC-CORE founders -  stepped up and planned a series of actions.

WTU Member Actions.png

Fall of 2020

Using Democracy to push the WTU to further take action. 

Knowing it would take a united membership voice to convince union leaders that a labor action was necessary and would be successful, WTU members planned and then pushed for emergency membership meetings where a "Sick Day" was proposed.

Winter of 2020-2021

Challenges and Pushback

After a highly successful sick out, where over 70% of educators reported participating, that resulted in a delay to in person learning for Term 2, educators began to plan again for further action to fight for no educator returning before they were vaccinated. But some in elected union leadership allowed their fear of DCPS reprisals to undermine those efforts.

Spring - Summer of 2021

Building Together for a Stronger Union

Disappointed in the undermining of union members' actions, we increased our efforts to organize DC-CORE. We held weekly meetings, worked with organizers, engaged in 1-1 conversations with fellow members, and built the caucus in earnest. From book clubs to building this website, our members decided on our principles, bylaws, leadership and learned how to make decisions together. 

School Year 2021-2022

Reforming our union for a brighter future

After hosting an official launch picnic in August, we are off and running! Our committees continue to meet and plan member-led actions and engage in organizing. Now we are getting to work around our principles and beliefs for a stronger Democratic Union. Join us!

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