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All you need to know about the 2022 WTU Election

Congratulations to the DC-CORE Endorsed Candidates who won election:
Laura Fuchs, WTU Secretary
Unity Slate:
Busra Aydin, Vice President Elementary
Paige Veliz-Gilbert, Vice President Junior High
Samantha Brown, Vice President Special Education
Kader Nsiri, Vice President Specialized Services
Keisha Warner, Member-At-Large Elementary
Jessica Salute, Member-At-Large Elementary
Lisa Haynes, Member-At-Large Elementary
Sam Bertocchi, Member-At-Large Elementary
David Ifill, Member-At-Large Junior High
Brandi Byrd, Member-At-Large Senior High

What roles can you vote for?

Who has DC-CORE Endorsed?

Who is running for office?

Voting Options
Note: Not an endorsement video

What Can You Vote For?

Note on Slates: Voters can select a single box to vote for all the candidates in the slate OR they can vote for people individually (including mixing and matching with slates, independent candidates etc.)

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Learn More About the Roles

Considering Running
IMG_4003 (1)_edited.jpg
Aleady Running

DC-CORE Endorsements

DC-CORE Endorsement Process:

  1. Candidates emailed questionnaire

  2. Questionnaire responses shared on website and with DC-CORE Members.

  3. ​DC-CORE Membership Met May 18th to discuss and decide on endorsements

James Isreal, WTU President
Laura Fuchs, WTU Secretary
Unity Slate, WTU Executive Board

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