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Paige Veliz-Gilbert

VP Junior High Schools

What position are you running for in the WTU? VP Junior High Schools

If you are running on a slate, provide the name: Unity

What school(s) do you work at? Kramer MS

What is your current role at your school? Teacher

How many years have you worked for DCPS? 10

Describe your leadership experience, including what you have done in the WTU Alt. Rep, SCAC member, LSAT, Personnel Committee

Why are you running? (Max. 1000 characters) I am running because we (WTU) are failing Union 101. Our Union is only as strong as our ground game and ability to organize members. The Executive Board needs to be on the front lines making sure every building has what it needs to succeed, from a functioning SCAC to a phone tree that can be tapped into within minutes. We aren't there and we need to be.

What is your vision for the union? (Max. 1000 characters) My vision is a Union that is driven by member voice, starting with active buildings, member education about the Union+the CBA, and ways to address issues before they become grievances. The vision is also about using our numbers to pressure the Council of DC to end mayoral control and put an end to an evaluation system that harms school communities. My ideal Union would be intolerant of backroom deals, closed negotiations, time limits on meetings, and executive overreach.

If elected, what are your top 3 priorities that you would focus on to achieve your vision for the WTU? (Max. 1000 characters) members organized around feeder patterns for maximum impact, contract education, having every member part of a phone tree

What are your top 3 contract priorities for future negotiations? A fair contract with COLAs aligned to Fire/Police increases, class size limits, + paperwork days for SPED

What is the strategy the WTU should take to achieve that vision?

If elected, what is your role in achieving that vision? Organizing middle schools to make sure every member has a contact

If elected, how do you see yourself working with caucuses like DC-CORE? Caucuses are an important part of a democratic, member driven union. They offer safe spaces to discuss issues & attract members looking for ways to be more involved. Caucus can not only force the union to be more responsive, but they can also improve policy. Moreover, they can serve an important role in leading action.

Do you believe that the WTU should organize and prepare to be "strike ready"? Yes

Paige Veliz-Gilbert
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