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Maxine (Elbert) Jefferson

VP Special Education

What position are you running for in the WTU? VP of Special Ed

If you are running on a slate, provide the name: PogeLyons-Bell

What school(s) do you work at? H.D. Woodson

What is your current role at your school? Special Educator/Alt Building Rep

How many years have you worked for DCPS? 13

Describe your leadership experience, including what you have done in the WTU I come from a Business Background as Exec Director, I transitioned into teaching from the college level. I have been a building rep the more than half my time with DCPS. I am a member organizer and trainer with WTU with extensive training experience through AFT. I pride myself on know how to maneuver through the contract and force principals to respect our contract and its processes advisory and otherwise.

Why are you running? (Max. 1000 characters) As a special educator I have seen first hand the disparities across the city with teachers and students. I have worked on several Special Ed Task Force and committees and I believe that change must come from within. I believe that this position will allow me to assist with real change for our members.

What is your vision for the union? (Max. 1000 characters) My vision is to fight for equity and change, while prioritizing increased member engagement and organizational transparency. My breadth of experience in many aspects of unionism, allows me the opportunity to continue to advocate for fair labor practices, the safety and health of it's members.

If elected, what are your top 3 priorities that you would focus on to achieve your vision for the WTU? (Max. 1000 characters) The top three priorities would be to increase member engagement, organizational transparency, and organizing the membership to be ready for all aspects of the labor movement.

What are your top 3 contract priorities for future negotiations? Equity across grade levels, improved working conditions and wages.

What is the strategy the WTU should take to achieve that vision? Real grass roots organizing. Many of our members are not engaged and are burnt out on the unions business, we need true engagement. It is time out for just emailing. Our members deserve more.

If elected, what is your role in achieving that vision? My role would be on the front line. Loud, proud and holding all those in positions accountable.

If elected, how do you see yourself working with caucuses like DC-CORE? We all have the same goal to return the union to functioning as a democracy through its members. Caucuses are for the betterment of the union, we need caucuses to assist with transformation and a clear vision. Everyone should be involved in the decision making, I welcome it! Caucuses can provide more involvement, more debate, and more discussion.

Do you believe that the WTU should organize and prepare to be "strike ready"? Yes

Maxine (Elbert) Jefferson
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