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Keisha Warner

Member At Large Elementary

What position are you running for in the WTU? Member At Large Elementary

If you are running on a slate, provide the name: Unity

What school(s) do you work at? Barnard Elementary School

What is your current role at your school? Teacher (Pre-K 4)

How many years have you worked for DCPS? 11 years

Describe your leadership experience, including what you have done in the WTU Delegate and Teachers’ Leader Program Participant

Why are you running? (Max. 1000 characters) I want to be part of the solution in building a better and stronger union

What is your vision for the union? (Max. 1000 characters) My vision for the union is a proactive solutions based union. A union that identifies issues and concerns and uses all resources to get to the solution.

If elected, what are your top 3 priorities that you would focus on to achieve your vision for the WTU? (Max. 1000 characters) 1. Contract 2. Work Environment 3. Reputation

What are your top 3 contract priorities for future negotiations? Pay. Benefits. Work Environment

What is the strategy the WTU should take to achieve that vision? I think that WTU needs to look for more competent Counsel/Legal Representation. Creating relationships with media on Local and National level.

If elected, what is your role in achieving that vision? Putting vision in action. Getting buy in and support then creating a pathway.

If elected, how do you see yourself working with caucuses like DC-CORE? I think caucuses are the pulse. Definitely working with caucuses

Do you believe that the WTU should organize and prepare to be "strike ready"? Yes

Keisha Warner
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