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Jessica Salute

Member At Large Elementary

What position are you running for in the WTU? Elementary At-Large

If you are running on a slate, provide the name: Unity

What school(s) do you work at? Stanton Elementary

What is your current role at your school? 2nd grade ELA

How many years have you worked for DCPS? 8

Describe your leadership experience, including what you have done in the WTU In NYC, I was a literacy coach for 5 years. In DCPS, I have been the WTU building rep, delegate, on SCAC, LSAT, and the Personnel Committee. I have been a participant in the WTU Organizing Committee, including heading an IMPACT subcommittee. I am also a member of CORE.

Why are you running? (Max. 1000 characters) I've been super inspired working alongside other members in WTU committees and now as a building rep. I think that our union is a place that can push DCPS to new and better places. I want to do more- I want to serve the WTU in new ways and find new places to have a voice in how our schools serve our kids.

What is your vision for the union? (Max. 1000 characters) After 19 years of teaching and hoping to be involved in creating stronger school policy for our kids and communities, I feel most excited now about how our union can be a stronger force for positive change in DCPS. I hope the union can stand up for what we currently believe are fair and equitable schools, but also push DC government to create policies that are much more supportive of the communities and families we serve. I think individual teachers and school staff communities believe this is needed for our kids, but we don't see that our union can do much to really improve the lives of our kids. But if we engage in more democratic processes to decide how our union functions from day to day and organize ourselves for actions much more than we already do, I think we can do things we never thought were possible before.

If elected, what are your top 3 priorities that you would focus on to achieve your vision for the WTU? (Max. 1000 characters) 1-Our evaluation system should be a tool that educators are confident in and actually strengthens each educator in their daily practice. 2- Our practices around student assessment should be useful to educators and only used when they truly drive day to day instruction and benefit kids. 3- DCPS and WTU should work hand in hand to strengthen and support the communities that our schools serve in all the ways we know students need in order to flourish as children and human beings.

What are your top 3 contract priorities for future negotiations? IMPACT/evaluation revamp, cost of living/salary increase, small class sizes, especially for schools with high at-risk populations of students

What is the strategy the WTU should take to achieve that vision? More member voice and much more/regular organizing of members for direct action

If elected, what is your role in achieving that vision? I am a very hard-worker and really believe in member voice through the democratic processes our union has in place. I will use my spirit and dedication to our schools to help all union members help the WTU decide what we will put our efforts into. I am idealistic and hopeful- I know we can do better and I know as educators, we have some of the best ideas about how to make our schools work better for kids. I am committed to putting my energy into making our union stronger everyday all in service of the kids and families we all go to work for each day.

If elected, how do you see yourself working with caucuses like DC-CORE? Yes, of course!

Do you believe that the WTU should organize and prepare to be "strike ready"? Yes

Jessica Salute
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