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Jacqueline Pogue Lyons


What position are you running for in the WTU? President

If you are running on a slate, provide the name: Pogue Lyons-Bell Slate

What school(s) do you work at? I worked at Savoy ES.

What is your current role at your school? I worked as a Kindergarten Teacher

How many years have you worked for DCPS? 29

Describe your leadership experience, including what you have done in the WTU I have been the President of the WTU for a year and I have served as the WTU General Vice President for five years. Before serving in the leadership roles above, I also served the WTU Beginning Reading Instructor as well as a WTU Teacher Leader Facilitator and a WTU Professional Development Coordinator.

Why are you running? (Max. 1000 characters) I am running for the WTU President because I want to improve learning outcomes of all District of Columbia students. We can only achieve this lofty goal by retaining our wonderful District of Columbia teachers. DCPS receives high ratings for finding the best and the brightest educators but they receive the lowest scores in their ability to retain educators. In order to improve student achievement in DCPS, we must end IMPACT and embrace a teacher evaluation system that provides professional development and growth and not punishment. We retain great educators by supporting new teachers in the certification process and by simplifying the green card process for international teachers. Lastly, we keep and retain educators by giving both students and teachers the necessary social and emotional supports.

What is your vision for the union? (Max. 1000 characters) I envision a Union where all members actively participate in the democratic process of this organization and where all members feel honored and respected. I also have a vision for a Union where all members feel like this organization serves, defends and protects their rights in the workplace.

If elected, what are your top 3 priorities that you would focus on to achieve your vision for the WTU? (Max. 1000 characters) If I am blessed to continue to serve as your President, I will continue to push for and evaluation system that is not racist but fair for teachers and good for students. I will keep working tirelessly to deliver hands-on support throughout the grievance and certification process. Most importantly, I am determined to deliver a contract worthy of every teachers consideration and one that honors the hard work, commitment, and dedication educator has given to their students during this unprecedented time.

What are your top 3 contract priorities for future negotiations? I believe one of the top three contract priorities should include a compensation package that takes into consideration the high rate of inflation, includes retro pay, a higher hourly rate for administrative premium, more money for beginning of the year supply cards as well as higher compensation for dual certification and significantly more money for the reimbursement of graduate courses. I would also negotiate for an extra 200 minutes of planning per week for all teachers and support for all teachers in obtaining their certification.

What is the strategy the WTU should take to achieve that vision? The WTU can achieve its vision by continuing to protect, serve and defend all of its members in the workplace. We must work to organize our members while still honoring and respecting the individual needs of our members.

If elected, what is your role in achieving that vision? If I am elected as President, I must work tirelessly to respect and encourage the democratic process of this Union by being fully transparent with the WTU Executive Board, WTU Building Leadership, and WTU members at all times. As the President, I must always encourage active participation of all our members and respect for the WTU Bylaws and Constitution.

If elected, how do you see yourself working with caucuses like DC-CORE? I will continue to actively work with all members and caucuses within the WTU Union.

Do you believe that the WTU should organize and prepare to be "strike ready"? Yes

Jacqueline Pogue Lyons
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