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Take Action for Health and Safety During Omicron Surge

Over the past 2 days over 100 WTU educators came together, created a list of demands and planned a series of actions to fight for our health and safety amidst this Omicron COVID surge. We cannot continue to allow DCPS to put our lives and those of our students and families so callously at risk. We believe that more must be done to prepare for a safe return to in person instruction after Winter Break.

Action 1: Sign and Share on Letter to the WTU TODAY. We will send this letter to the WTU President and Executive Board on Thursday, December 23. We need as many signatures as possible from WTU members. Sign and share this form with your buildings and networks ASAP:

Action 2: Survey your members before January.

We need to know building-by-building how many people are prepared to take action so we can plan accordingly to successfully defend our demands. This also helps get people thinking about the possibility of taking an action in January. Create a survey (i.e., use a google form), send it to the WTU members in your building, Send results to

  1. How concerned are you about the current rise in COVID cases in Washington DC?

    1. Not concerned

    2. Somewhat concerned

    3. Very concerned

  2. If current trends do not improve over the winter break, would you be willing to participate in a collective action to refuse to return to in-person school in January?

    1. Yes

    2. No

Action 3: Sign and share our petition of demands.

Action 4: Get on social media and begin spreading the word that things are not right in DCPS and to sign the petition.

Learn more and become a member of DC-CORE at

Dues are $35/year and the only requirement to join is that you are a WTU member.

Get rested. Stay safe. Get organized.

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