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Our Next Steps Towards Ending Mayoral Control

DC's Mayor has once again made a huge misstep by ending the indoor mask mandate in most public places right as a new variant begins to spread around the world. We all know mayoral control needs to end, but how can we do it?

Upcoming Event:

This week Alicia Chambers will chair our General Body meeting on Wednesday, December 1st at 5:30 PM focused on ending Mayoral Control (email for zoom info).

  • Hear from a parent, organizer and overall expert on DC's education system: Allyson Criner Brown as we discuss mayoral control.

  • Discuss and vote on a proposed resolution on creating a collective action (aka strike) fund to bring to the WTU Representative Assembly.

Action step:

Please share this event info with anyone you think might be interested in discussing this - especially other educators at your school - to invite them to our meeting.

This has been and will continue to be a long fight. It will take all of us, working side by side, organizing and building solidarity with more fellow WTU members to make it happen.

See you on Wednesday!

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