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Learn more about the 2022 Candidates for WTU Office!

The Washington Teachers Union officer elections have begun. Ballots will be mailed to your home address around May 16th and must arrive by mail by June 6th, when they will be collected and counted by an independent group.

DC-CORE is committed to increasing voter information and turnout. We are running an endorsement process to get to know candidates and are sharing all the information we gather on our website:

Join us at our endorsement meeting on Wednesday, May 18th at 5:30 PM via zoom. Register at this link for the zoom meeting: Click here for Registration Link

Two slates are running: Unity and Pogue Lyons-Bell Slate. There are also two independent candidates: James Isreal for President and Laura Fuchs for Secretary. Check out our web page to learn more about the candidates.

In the 2019 WTU Officer Election, Only 652 people voted, less than 20% of those eligible.
We need to send a message to DCPS that WTU Members are engaged and ready to fight for the future of our union. We do that by voting. Use your voice. Participate.

Please note, only DC-CORE members can vote on endorsements. All WTU Members are eligible to join by paying $35. Click the Join Button on the website

List of Candidates in the 2022 Election

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