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DCPS Gaslighting 101

A DCPS teacher wrote the following after last week's PD that captures how Central Office treats us:

DCPS "Professional Development" Day for Teachers

A Lesson in Gaslighting:

  1. Thank you to teachers for putting up with everything Central has been throwing at us this year

  2. Overview of health protocols that are more or less meaningless because they are not being followed, and/or are nonsensical (i.e. teachers are not considered close contacts if vaccinated)

  3. Reminder of NEW standardized tests and platforms we must implement this year, and exhortations for unrealistic teaching practices we must now implement in the times of Covid (i.e. "teaching from a 6ft box" in front of the room, without circulating).

  4. Preparation for going hybrid aka teaching two sets of students, one set in person, one set online

  5. Telling teachers we have the day "off" from mandatory sessions so we can plan for all these things and complete All The Virtual trainings.

  6. A gentle reminder that we must take ownership of taking care of ourselves by staying positive, calm, unplugging and enjoying life! 😃

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