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DC-CORE & WTU Contract Events Dec 5-13th

WTU President Pogue-Lyons has communicated that the Tentative Agreement and electronic ballot to vote on it will be sent to all WTU members via their work emails on Monday, December 5th at 7:30 AM. Members will then have 8 days to read the Tentative Agreement, accompanying documents and vote.

(If you do not receive the ballot make sure you are a full dues member on Peoplesoft and then reach out to ASAP - Link to step by step instructions)

There will be several events throughout the week from WTU and DC-CORE to read, discuss and ask questions about the documents to make sure you have all the info you need to vote:

  1. Monday, December 5th: WTU Town Hall #1 (Time unknown)

  2. Wednesday, Dec. 7th: WTU Town Hall #2 (Time unknown)

  3. NEW TIME: Thursday, December 8th: DC-CORE General Body Meeting at 5:30 PM where we can discuss our thoughts on the tentative agreement, what we want to see out of the next contract, and a resolution to bring to the upcoming WTU Membership Meeting about member voice in future contract negotiations.

4. Tuesday, December 13th: WTU Membership Meeting (Where all WTU members can raise motions and vote)

Also consider joining the WTU and DC-CORE facebook groups to discuss your thoughts on the tentative agreement with members from across the district.

Building Rep Tips: Check in on your members to make sure they got their ballot and accompanying information, hold reading group sessions, share information regarding upcoming WTU town halls and DC-CORE events.

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