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DC-CORE will Organize to End Over-Testing of Our Students

On Wednesday, October 6th DC-CORE members met to discuss what our priorities should be for this school year as we grow our movement to reform our union.

The consensus for our priorities was clear: Organize around ending over-testing of our students.

This focus will ground our work in social justice as we grow our caucus.

Join our committees to get to work:

  • Communication: October 26th at 5:30P via Zoom

    • Create communication tools (1 pager, social media, the website and more) and develop a network across the district.

  • Organizing: October 27th at 7:00PM via Zoom

    • Reach out to WTU members across the District to help them organize their buildings, build our strength and prepare for any actions that will need to be taken.

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