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DC-CORE Update + Moving Forward

At today's WTU Membership Meeting our Non-Binding Resolution for the Upcoming Contract Negotiations was passed on to an ad-hoc committee established by WTU President Lyons for further consideration and a stated report back time of late February. While this is not the outcome that we advocated for, it does mean our ideas are moving forward and will continue to be discussed by the WTU.

What to look out for and hold the WTU accountable for:

  1. President Lyons stated that on Monday, December 19th and again upon our return messaging will be sent out via the Morning Brew about how to sign up for the committee.

  2. The committee will need to meet in January/February and we should try to get on it to push the WTU to be more accountable to our members.

What we can do to push the WTU forward: Part of the ethos of DC-CORE is to be the union we want to see. So if the WTU wants to delay talking to members, that means that we can step in and model what we want the WTU to do. Thank you all for your hard work and we hope you all have a relaxing winter break!

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