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DC-CORE Endorsements for WTU 2022 Officer Election

The DC Caucus of Rank and File Educators proudly endorses the following candidates for the 2022 WTU Officer Election.

  • James Isreal, WTU President

  • and the Unity Slate for 10 spots on the WTU Executive Board which includes

    • Busra Aydin, VP Elementary

    • Paige Veliz-Gilbert, VP Junior High School

    • Samantha Brown, VP Special Education

    • Kader Nsiri, VP Specialized Services

    • Sam Bertocchi, Member At Large Elementary

    • Lisa Haynes, Member At Large Elementary

    • Jessica Salute, Member At Large Elementary

    • Keisha Warner, Member At Large Elementary

    • David Ifill, Member At Large Junior High

    • Brandi Byrd, Member At Large Senior High

In the May 18th endorsement meeting, DC-CORE members expressed a belief that change was needed and that we must organize and get out the vote for that change.

We want an Executive Board and President who listen, actively communicate, organize and take action alongside us to build power and make a change in the WTU, and that's why we support the Unity Slate, James Isreal and Laura Fuchs.

Paige Veliz -Gilbert, candidate for VP of Junior High Schools on the Unity Slate states: "Unity is thrilled to have DC-CORE's endorsement for the WTU Executive Board. Unity was founded on principles like transparency, accountability, and centering member voices. We are honored that they recognized our commitment to members and engagement."

"I am grateful for the support of DC-CORE. I know that together we can inform, organize and empower our members" says Laura Fuchs, Candidate WTU Secretary.

We look forward to working with all the candidates during and after the election, no matter the outcome. Don't forget to check your personal mail for your ballot and mail it back by June 1st so it arrives on time to be counted on June 6th!

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