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DC-CORE Call to Action: WTU Elections are HERE

WTU Ballots have been arriving in peoples' mailboxes.

Our goal is to increase our union's power by increasing turnout. Read on for strategies on how you can do your part for this movement.

Our message is simple: VOTE.

  • If a member has not gotten their ballot they should contact Valerie Kilby ( and cc the WTU Elections Committee ( and the WTU General Vice President Regina Bell (

  • Don't be afraid to share who you are voting for and why if your members have not made up their minds yet. Personal endorsements go a long way!

At our General Body Meeting on June 8th our members shared strategies they are using to increase turnout. Find one that works for you!

  1. David: Play music at the beginning and end of the day in the hallway and talk to members in the building really quickly about voting.

  2. Karen: Messaged everyone in the building to check their mailbox.

  3. Lisa: Have a ballot party, offer a light breakfast and make sure everyone's questions about voting are answered. Those who wanted to gave the ballots to her as building rep to turn in to the post office to make sure they were done correctly and counted.

  4. Paige: Reaching out to people you are close to and connecting with them as a ballot buddy

    1. Check in if they have their ballot

    2. Ask if they have questions about it

    3. Make sure they are following all the rules to make sure that the ballot is not disqualified.

  5. Sam: Check in with your members and see if they got their ballot and voted.

  6. Manda: post on the ways that your school communicates (Teams page, Email) to remind people about voting

Using Social Media

  • Take a selfie mailing your ballot at a mailbox.

  • Share one of the images below on your social media page about why you are voting.

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    • Twitter: @DC_CORE

    • Facebook: @dccoreunion

    • Instagram: @dccore_union

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